Death of a Musician

A musician was needed, his name was put on the list.

Someone to lead the band of angels and conduct with a gentle fist.

For us on earth it was way too soon.

He had boys to raise, and the band was working on a new tune.

Now he is with his father where they no not pain.

As if a kid again with his sisters running through the woods and down the lane.

We don’t always understand God’s plan. Sometimes the result seems unfair.

This I know for sure, he left behind people who care.

So on those cool summer nights when there is a slight breeze in the air, listen very closely for his strumming and know he is always there.

God is now his keeper. At Christ’s feet he lies.

Be happy for his new-found freedom with smiles and joyous cries.

Frank Michael Scavullo

May 8, 2003

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