Gravity is a Bitch

Gravity is a bitch that we fight from birth.

Always trying to free ourselves from the rock called earth.

Like superman, if only we could fly through the air.

Instead were stuck here to wallow in our dispare.

Oxygen is another that keeps us trapped where we stand.

Was life here figured out, was it even planned?

The moon, the planets all circulating in space,

And here we are stuck in this sphere of a place.

Astronauts venture, punching the envelope with every ride.

Like a microorganism being washed up with the tide.

A grain of sand on the beach we are smaller with every breath.

New generations to follow the past but to all inevitable death.

Live life to its fullest escape its confines when you have the chance.

Like a strange twisted melody that forces you to dance

Frankie Scavullo


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