The Reason for War

You most always can pin the cause on land, religion or race.

Many wars are fought over each with a great deal of haste.

To try to understand war you must follow events at a rapid pace.

Some revel in their victories leaving behind destruction and waste.

To others war is vial and leaves the person with a bad taste.

To leaders, profit lies in war as they patrol the battle field in their cotton, silk and lace.

The victims are left to mourn the dead that are left lying in their cold wooden case.

Meanwhile the pilots who dropped the bombs return safely to their base.

 Medals are placed on their chest and the heroes are given the title of


If you could see all the atrocities of this earth you would never be able to look anyone in the face.

Until we can put aside our differences there will be many more tombstones put in place.

 We will visit from time to time with flowers adorning a tarnished vase. 

                          Frankie Michael Scavullo

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