Dead on Arrival

It says D.N.R. on the chart, resuscitate me not.

Let me die on the stretcher lay me to rest in the family plot.

If it’s my time to go let me loose the downhill fight.

Don’t try to bring me back let me walk into the light.

Make no mistake I’m not suicidal, but if it comes to be; let me finish this long drawn out recital.

Some may say I’m crazy I say to each their own.

Nobody’s dropping by to see me or calling on the phone.

A small piece called an obituary would be over looked by most I knew

Whatever happened to him? I doubt anyone would have a clue.

Life would go on without me; it would be left for everyone else to live.

For me I am a D.N.R. I have no more to give.

Frankie Michael Scavullo July 2003

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