My Congregation

I never was a victim I was warned of the menacing foe

Someone who should have been trusted deceitful seeds he would sow

I cannot imagine the pain I would have to live with would I think it was my fault

The memories running through my head would they ever come to a halt

Would I know who was to blame as if I could think it were me

Now the congregations eyes are open a clear vision with which to see

We cannot put total responsibility on the church there where predators in our midst

We are taught to forgive our neighbors as we clinch our hands in a fist

I have heard the stories of strangers and from those who are familiar and close

It seems as if justice had turned a blind eye and righteous has left their watchful post

It was told to me by a friend this is a modern day test of faith by our Lord

The true believers shall end up wielding the commanding end of the sword

We must not forget and never let it happen again as it has in the past

For those who have survived our intentions must be constant and steadfast

Frank Michael Scavullo

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