Superman is Dead

I will always remember where I was when I heard Superman had died.

His broken body made of steel could not be revived no matter how hard they tried.

The actors struggle has been retired, for years he would leap great bounds.

Although Christopher was just an actor, he was a superhero to us no matter how silly it sounds.

 It was a day of recent when we found out Superman could die.

I doubt it affected anyone as much as when we heard the news a Kennedy son tried to fly.

Metropolis has lost their greatest citizen yes Superman has past.

Our hero in movies from the eighties has caused the daily planets flag’s to hang at half mast.

Mr. Ed would not have thrown him, Wilber would have talked them both down.

Superman would still be flying causing his nemesis’s to wear long frowns.

He never stopped a devastating catastrophe or saved anyone we actually knew.

He never was on the real news as Clark Kent but he was superman, to that fact we had a clue.

Could he have stopped the war in Iraq or saved Diana from that horrible wreck

Or would Hollywood have kept him in movies playing part next to that animated Shrek?

Would he have stepped in on the horrible election debauchery and arrived at the final truth?

If Peter Sellers were not dead than Inspector Clouseau could assist as a guest sleuth.

He could have borrowed Wonder Woman’s lasso and used it to clean up this planet in which we dwell.

Or maybe Phillip Morris would have brain washed him in the hopes of more cigarettes to sell.

In black and white or color, Superman will never really be dead,

After all he is a character who will forever live in our head

Frank Scavullo

Oct 12 2004 a day after Christopher Reeves death

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