Riding in Space

As I sat strapped in my seat awaiting the first firering of the buster rockets I was overcome with a mix of emotions. As I look back on it today I realize it was a quick massive rush of anticipation having awaited this moment for the entirety of my life as far back as I can remember. Fear was the next emotion that overcame me with such force that my entire body stiffened as if paralyzed. I could feel the fear travel throughout my body starting in my toes and up my limbs only to be stopped by what felt like a basketball sized choke in my throat nearly stopping my intake and exhale of breath. And finally exhilaration set in causing me to giggle uncontrollably for a quick moment.  As the rocket started its rapid acceleration from the earth’s surface and broke loose from its docking station I realized that within a few seconds I would be well above the earth and orbiting in the masity of space. Controllers on the ground assured me that “I was looking good and all systems were a go”. I knew I had to get a glimpse of the earth as I departed her safe confines. I leaned forward as best I could against the unimaginable G-force that was pushing me deep into my seat. I then saw the most magnificent sight I had ever seen before. It was as if I were watching a movie through a small round screen and the picture was quickly zooming out. The one large land mass became smaller and was joined by its neighboring islands, then countries, then continents until it was just a large blue ball scattered with random small land masses. Just then the ship took a turn towards the sun and I spotted the tip of the moon coming around the side of the earth. A tear entered my eye as I thought how beautiful God had made the universe.

A muse while listening to Major Tom by David Bowie.

Frankie Scavullo

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