Time passes so quickly; the future is the past with every blink of an eye.

The present tells you to laugh when you know you should break down and cry.

Peoples deception and deciet have laid a path from your footsteps and you wonder what the future will hold.

Then it hits you that nothing will change and what is laid before you lies empty and cold.

Change can happen if your mind is put to it, the future can look shiny and bright.

Your dreams can become a reality and your soul can be free and take flight.

Until then you’re just stuck here to wallow in your pity and self-blame.

Your confessional is the street as you walk with your head hung in shame.

You will blame it on your parents or on the friends you hung out with in the past.

In the end it turns out that time is to blame, for the hands of the clock move to fast.

The sun could ultimately be blamed as we rotate around her with accuracy and grace.

As we peer at the moon and stars we look to the heavens with resentful taste.

Frankie Michael Scavullo July 10, 2005

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