Lost Youth

The year of forty has hit with the force of a baseball bat to the face

My youth is gone and most memories have escaped without a trace

I try to recall the good times that brought me so much joy

But the memories are faded as if a century has passed since I was a boy

The sand box is empty and the stuffed animals have lost their fluff

Now I spend my days in search of misplaced stuff

I can remember for the most part but some details seem to be askew

Like a clear day I can see forever yet I am blinded by the view

 Will it come to me as if laid out on a screen being played on a reel to reel

The emotions will be over powering and I will not know how to feel

My youth will confront me and let me in on the secret that is held inside

It will wash upon me like the ocean carries the tide

Until then I shall try to decipher the forest from the trees

I will keep my prayers steadfast so the Lord hears my pleas

Frankie Scavullo

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