Big House Beach

I just got the news that our good friend Surfer Dave has passed.

The memories of growing up on the point with his influence are sure to last.

He was the one we would watch Planet of the Apes with on Saturday and he would read us excerpts from Helter Skelter on the beach.

As Marie, Tommy and I ran down Devon Road in the dark to the driveway we thought we would never reach.

It was the age of Aquaris and the summer of love.

Dave’s father would do magic tricks with flowers under a handkerchief turning into a dove.

He is a legend in my mind like a rock star, with the world as his stage.

Frozen in time as if we never grew up and all remained the same age.

Dave is part of the waves and if you return to the ocean you can stand with him once more.

The waves call his name and his breath help the gulls to soar.

Be not sorrowful that Dave has left this earth. For he has entered his promise land, which has given him a new birth.

Frank Michael Scavullo June 15, 2006

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