Looking Back

This five years later I look back on what we lost.

A feeling of freedom and safety that we Americans protect at all costs.

I remember the fallen heroes who came from scattered precincts to answer the call.

The innocent people who went to work that morning not knowing the towers would fall.

Evil had taken flight on wings of hatred and deceit. Their actions would affect everyone as we watched the world crumble at our feet.

Now we refer to it as ground zero, a memorial has plans to be built.

The names of those who perished adorn walls overlooking what is left of the rubble and silt.

We are safer thanks to the defending forces we put in place but a scar remains on our soul.

Many more have died to protect our freedom, they have paid the ultimate toll.

Now our best defense is prayer against this radical movement that has grown. We must plead with the Lord to squash the evil seeds that they have sown.

Frankie Michael Scavullo 9/11/2006

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