Memories of Youth

We grew up in a world where animals on pages could speak.

 Conversations were held with snowflakes so our imaginations could peak.
We would play with our toys on the thin carpeted floor. Patches were ironed into our jeans to save a trip to the store.
Shared with us at random were New Yorker cartoons.      The echoes of laughter would emanate down the hall from our bedrooms.
Our friends should have been jealous because of the upbringing we were given.

Dinner with the family nightly and every morning to school we were driven.

We were given privilege and dressed by a Lord and A Taylor.

Our fairy tale lives by the shore were shielded from the visionary writings of the man called Mailer.

So as it was the memories will forever live in our minds.

Sometimes the facts are askew but there is always a sibling to fill in the missing lines.

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