A Note of Non-Social Importance

I have nothing interesting to post, I don’t really need another friend.

This world of continuous uplifting that exists on a screen is immaterial and seems pretend.

To avoid someone in this world you don’t need to snub them by crossing to the other side of the street.

There is a drop down for that called unfollow which is illusive and much more  discrete.

Somewhere there is someone scouring the web with the intention of dropping the most liked post on their wall,

And for those who just want to browse and pass it on, the share option is at their beckoning call.

The advertisers position themselves on the side lines catching your eye with an item that will interest just you.

You hate to admit it but that search engine is watching your every move in this world, for the internet told you it’s true.

From Bible passages to videos of funny kittens, this world contains it all.

We humans visit during work when we should be making a business call.

Look she’s on a mountain and he is eating cake with a king.

So sad they just lost their grandfather but Johnny finally proposed and look at the size of that ring.

I’ve been reminded to wish them a happy birthday even though we haven’t seen each other since “78”.

I don’t really think they will miss me for this world is calculated by algorithms where nothing is left to fate.

Now it’s time for bed, just one quick look at these people whose walls have moreover crept back into my life.

Religious and political views, life achievements and awards with very few personal stories of their marriage problems or mental strife.

The World of Facebook Frankie Scavullo March 17, 2016

the monkey on our back

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