Adam’s Lament

I miss my borrowed rib and the lack of a pardon.

I was led astray by woman and the snake in the garden.

I gave into what is now this new feeling called temptation.

I am called man and I fear my years will wallow in eternal damnation.

With a bite came knowledge and my eyes were opened bright.

I suddenly knew the difference between wrong and right.

I have the feeling that in his image I must surely be created.

While woman looks a little different I assume we are related.

My downfall is due to the slender one who’s belly rubs the earth.

That in which created all in seven days will bequeath the creature with no worth.

I am not really sure how I got here, I suddenly awoke in this place.

It seems the two of us, new to sin represent the entire human race.

I was instructed to multiply and prosper with woman, who is much like me.

I guess the fate of humanity will begin, to this we will wait and see.

Frankie Scavullo June 13, 2018

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