14 Days

Life was different, time was of little care as we went about or ways.

Now we monitor our health counting out each fourteen days.

We are finally all united, the spices of humans on the rock.

A microscopic invaders destruction is the only thing now in which we put stock.

The world has changed in such a brief time that no one could have believed this true.

For our tiny new nemesis is proving to be a fairly worthy shrew.

A cough, a sneeze, the gentle clearing of one throat, causes neighbors to back away.

We were appalled by the intoxicated spring breakers who went to Florida and  just wanted to stay.

We take our temperature and wash our hands while keeping six feet from one and other

.We speak through the glass or from down the street to our parents, sister or brother.

And oh we watch the curve, hoping to flatten it with every day’s end.

It rises, it levels but we have to see what tomorrow has around the bend.

There are few smiles on faces which would anyways be blocked by a mask.

The news show the frazzled eyes of healthcare workers as they attempt to perform their task.

Now the earth is on quarantine for even God cannot be traditionally celebrated.

All major events have been canceled as the conviction of this virus is accelerated.

Thousands will perish, everyday life will be touched and it will be years before normalcy will return.

This is world war three in which scientist are the foot soldiers, notoriety is the medals they will earn.

Frankie Scavullo April 2, 2020

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