You Have Arrived

Where am I, how did I get here?

You have reached your new life and arrived with God speed.

Where is my body, how will people know me?

They will know you because you are uniqe, that former shell you do not need.

I have no lips, no mouth, how shall I eat?

No worries of those things here, believe me you will not require drink or feed.

My paint brushes, my canvas, what happened to them?

You remember them so they are present and in this new life you will flourish from a seed.

Where are my parents, my husband, that friend I lost so young?

They are all here, life everlasting it was promised to you every time you recited the Creed.

This seems so strange to me, however will I get used to this?

It is new for you, you have entered the gate, now trust and let me lead.

Turn yourself over to the Holy Spirit and gracefully follow for this is the faith in which you agreed.

You have arrived Kathleen, we will join you later. I the aftermath our friendship shall proceed.

Frances Michael Scavullo September 24, 2020

In memory of Kathleen Edwards Lee 1924-2020

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