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I am a visitor to this land the language I do not speak
I try to make conversation but off my tongue the new words are slow to creep
I take solace in the nearby playas and know the waves understand my plight
The choice was mine alone and I am at peace and know my selection was right
The people are a humble sort and with smiles they carry on their day
Gluttony does not guide most of them; this is very much not their way
In this life, simple is better, you better know this before your venture begins to start
You will be swept away by its beauty and in a short time it will capture your heart
So now the decision is made, yes I will become part of this culture and race
I will disappear from my former life as if gone without a trace.
Frankie Michael Scavullo

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Chivalry Gone

Where are the valiant Knights of today

Are they bashful and hiding as if at bay

Without a crusade to fight is it home where they stay

Have they retreated to the country side to contemplate and pray

Has their body armor gone unused and started to decay

Have both man and their horse become tired and turned gray

Is it that their swords have rusted with no more dragons to slay

Maybe the crowds that greeted them after their victories no longer congregated to shout hurray

It seems the fearless Knights of so long ago have all gone away

Frankie Scavullo

Hit Man

I will never be a hit man for a mob family or the Cali Cartel.

I will never say good bye using a gun to say farewell.

I may slick down my hair, like a wop I use the gel.

But my enemy will never fear from me the sound of the final bell.

I am Frankie Knuckles, “The Man” but not the one you should fear.

I have not yet drawn blood or caused an eye to tear.

But my time might come when I am called upon to hit.

With a piano wire I find the throat of my victim to cause a fit.

As he lies at my feet dead I will know that I have done wrong.

The family he left behind will forever mourn and long.

Now I am sorrowful, because I cannot take it back.

The tall tale heart will haunt me as if beating from under the floorboards of my shack.

I am sure nobody saw as I brutally slayed a man

My paranoia will play with my head until it lands me life in the can.

Frank Michael Scavullo  

I Saw Her Today

I saw her today her presence was immense.

I first spotted her from the boardwalk beyond the broken fence.

Her breaking waves shimmered in the warm December sun.

It made me think back on the past summers of fun.

My dog chased the seagulls that were sunbathing on the sand.

I went to her edge so to taste the salt from my hand.

I made a chair of some driftwood that had found its new resting place.

Time was of no worry; the chores of the day had lost their haste.

White sand was flowing across the beach as if it were a skirt.

All of nature was working in harmony, a dance, a shimmer, a flirt.

 Frankie Scavullo